Bathroom and Ensuite Design and Installation

‘Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cure for depression.’ Dodie Smith

It’s the sheer range of choice between faucets, tubs and shower trays; and slabs of marble, limestone or porcelain that make bathroom and ensuite design exciting and challenging at the same time.  The elements of a bathroom should come together in a way that they support the functionality of the space; but alongside this, and in equal measure, the space should be warm, inviting and should have a character of its own. All too often bathrooms appear to have come straight out of a showroom catalogue.

To my mind, bathrooms really are the most complicated aspect of interior design. The complexity comes in ensuring that the original design vision is achieved at the installation stage, because there are so many factors for consideration. It is important that the installer/builder is finely briefed and has a full specification of all the elements, particularly any bespoke bathroom furniture,  so that he has the opportunity to meet the vision through the various stages of the bathroom installation.