Willowbank House Finishing Touches

dining room and window dressing Hampton RivieraOur clients had built the dream and were looking for some help with those last finishing touches.

With such a wide range of choice with wall colours, fabrics and wallpapers to choose from it can seem an impossible task to pull everything together in one cohesive and thought-provoking presentation.

Luckily, with our extensive network of suppliers and our interest in colour, texture and pattern, this was right up our street. It was a great privilege for us to help deliver the finishing touches to this extraordinary family home.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project.

‘We had been working on the creation of our new home from its conception and had got to a point where we needed a fresh set of eyes to infuse interest and character into the rooms. We wanted it to hang together in a considered sort of a way and were bamboozled by the choice of wall coverings, colours and fabric that were on offer.

We had some treasured accent pieces in the way of furniture and artworks that Lindi needed to work with and some general ideas on what we wanted to achieve in terms of colour palate and mood. We were thrilled with the final installation. Lindi just seemed to know have the solutions at her fingertips and they were just so right.’ Jennifer Small