Lindi Reynolds

Luxury Interior Designer Surrey & South West London

Working from their base in East Molesey, south west London, Lindi, and her team, have been consulting to residential clients in and around London for more than 15 years. Lindi’s prime objective is to deliver uniquely personal interiors for her clients to the highest standard. Prior to setting up her business as a luxury interior designer in south west London and Surrey, Lindi followed a career in the design and communications industry, with her ultimate position being that of Director for the WPP Fitch Communications Network. Lindi has a wealth of experience in delivering visual solutions with standout appeal character, relevance and integrity.

Our LUXURY Interior Design Philosophy

Lindi explains, ‘I am passionate about my role in developing living spaces into places that my clients can feel great in. Order, visual exchange and a sense of time and place are some of the ingredients I focus on to create a truly memorable space. Order engenders a sense of calm and purpose; it starts to provide the platform for inspired action. Visual exchange begins with the interplay and ‘talk’ of the various design elements. Finally, it is through the clever mix of texture, colour, pattern and placement that each element of the design mix starts to play its part in the great orchestra.’

As a highly-sought after luxury interior designer across Surrey and south west London, Lindi recognises that design has to flow from the individual client’s personality and life vision. 

My business is about understanding people. I have to build an insightful picture of my clients before I can begin to design solutions that will enhance their everyday living experience. My visions must chime with their style sensibilities in such a way that feeds their aspirations and life vision into the final installation.

Over time, Lindi Reynolds Interiors (LRI) have built up a team of experts in their respective fields in whom they have complete trust. Together they strive to deliver workmanship to the highest standard, ensuring that the final results always delight. There is an intrenched appreciation for the fact that ‘above and beyond’ goes hand in hand with respect for all players at each stage of the process.

Interior Design Services


You may have found the ideal plot in the perfect location, but you aren’t sure what the vernacular of the house should be. You may have a feel for your preferred vernacular, but you aren’t sure about how to best orchestrate your plans. We can help on all accounts.

Architectural Interior Design

Design of the home from the inside out – perfectly thought through so that the interior works hard to support the inhabitants lifestyles, but also so that it acknowledges the architectural form of the building, inside and out.

Period Property Renovation

Undertaking a full house renovation can be a truly daunting experience, but it doesn’t need to be if you are in the right hands. With over 15 years of experience in renovating we can certainly help. Here are our top tips of what to look out for in the early stages of a project.

Interior Design

There are so many inter-related threads to weave together to make a room really sing. If you are looking to create a timeless space with elegance and balance, then appreciate that all elements and the spaces around them are just as important as each other. Here we bring the many threads together for you.

Kitchens and Cabinetry

To guarantee the quality of our Kitchens meet the high standards we demand for our clients, we’ve developed a 360-degree kitchen service with superior design, project management and craftsmanship expertise at its core.


It’s the sheer range of choice between faucets, tubs and shower trays; and slabs of marble, limestone or porcelain that make bathroom and ensuite design exciting and challenging at the same time. our bathroom design and make-over expertise just keeps growing.

Bespoke Design

Every project requires a certain level of bespoke. This can be in varying degrees and across specific disciplines depending on the project requirements. Bespoke furniture, cabinetry, window dressing, soft furnishings or lighting design and manufacture are just some of the areas that we well versed in.

Home Design Masterplan™

This is our two-part consultation service designed to give you the tools to bring out the best in your largest asset, your home. A two hour consultation within your home either physically or virtually, followed by a step-by-step ‘Home Design MasterPlan™ that you can use to transform your home into a truly remarkable place.



"We recently bought our Victorian property and wanted to give it a makeover, but weren’t sure where to start. We saw Lindi’s Home Design MasterPlan TM service online and asked her to come around and give us the benefit of her fresh, but experienced eye. Lindi organised a workshop session to explore what we wanted to do with the house, and discuss ideas and options for progressing the project. A few days after the session Lindi provided us with a professional and informative Home Design Master Plan™, which gave us a framework for deciding what we needed to do with our home, room-by-room options for layout, décor and improvements, and most importantly practical, friendly advice. The report also included introductions to local artisans who would be suitable to help us accomplish our goals. We found the process very beneficial and look forward to working with her as we develop and improve our home."

Richard Moseley and Carolyn Avery, East Molesey

“We were embarking on a building project and decided we needed some help before we broke ground to give us a sense of what we were trying to achieve with the final result. Not being the most creative people we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the desire to make the individual spaces work together but without everything looking the same. Lindi gave us some suggestions to improve our plans and inspiration and guidelines on how the areas should work together. The Home Design Masterplan™ experience was extremely helpful, we now have a much better idea of what the final look we are trying to achieve will be. I’m sure we will use Lindi again for more detailed advice on lighting and furniture plans as we get further into the process.”

Debbie, New Malden

“In the early stages of a major building project I engaged Lindi via her Home Interiors Plan™ to sanity check my plans and take on new ideas. This was hugely beneficial, Lindi has a great eye for detail and innovative ways of problem solving and many of her ideas were taken on board to shape areas of the project after her comprehensive and well presented summary . Beyond the plan she helped me in a couple of specific areas where I felt I needed more support – I would definitely recommend the Home Design Masterplan™ to anyone at the outset or early stages of any project.”

Jo Sinclair, Co-Founder of Brand Architekts, Teddington