Home Design MasterPlan™

May 29th, 2019

To celebrate 13 years of offering Home Design MasterPlan™ we have launched an exciting new format. This give you the tools to mastermind your home improvements project on your own – if you want to, that is! 

‘I am so proud to be taking HDMP to new heights. With it we have helped countless families add real value to their largest asset, their home. More than this though we have helped our clients to realise their homes full potential so that their homes serve them and not the other way around. We do this with a two hour consultation which is then followed up with our beautiful new ‘Home Design MasterPlan™’ which has all the bespoke advice you need to kick your home project into action.’ says Lindi.

You will also notice that we have Trade Marked the brand because we know it’s worth protecting.

We seem to specialise in wonderful clients. Just take a look at what one of them said about the service recently:

‘In the early stages of a major building project I engaged Lindi via her Home Design MasterPlan ™ to sanity check my plans and take on new ideas. This was hugely beneficial; Lindi has a great eye for detail and innovative ways of problem solving. Many of her ideas were taken on board to shape areas of the project. Her comprehensive and well presented Home Design MasterPlan™ was especially useful with this. Beyond the plan she helped me in a couple of specific areas where I felt I needed more  support. I would definitely  recommend the Home Design MasterPlan ™ to anyone at the outset or early stages of any project. ’

Jo Sinclair, Co-Founder of Brand Architects

Please call us if you think we could help you – we would love to! 020 82243228 or 07940572554

Interior Architecture and Bespoke Cabinetry for Winning Interior Results.

January 26th, 2018

By changing the entry point to the kitchen we could create a central axis through to the dining room. As is it entered on the bay window this also increased the natural light to the space.

Recently we launched our end to end kitchen service and so we wanted to share some of the photographs from one of our more recent installations. The trick with this kitchen wasn’t the fact that we understand kitchen design inside out, or the fact that we are truly passionate about ensuring the perfect fit through meticulous craftsmanship. The secret of this kitchen had to do with Interior Architecture. Because we were appointed at the front end of the project we could get the internal architecture right first, and this is a whole lot more important than one would possibly think, but unless the layout is right your results will always be compromised. A great dictum to apply to life in general wouldn’t you say? With a bit of internal re-modelling we were then able to create a truly connected, gracious space that delivers a perfectly functional kitchen with easy access to the dining room. Don’t take our word for it though, this is what our client had to say about the end product.

“We are so pleased with the fabulous Kitchen and Dining Room that Lindi and her team designed and built for us. She worked incredibly hard to consider our design style, lifestyle, and space. Lindi worked in tandem and seamlessly with our overall house build project manager aiming at all times that any issues, snags and problems were dealt with as they arose – and with no need for us to be involved. We have a truly unique, liveable, stunning kitchen that we love and is the envy of our friends, family and neighbours!”  Sue Hall, Finance Director of Historic Royal Palaces

The cabinetry and walls were hand painted in Farrow and Ball, Dove Tale. This is a fabulous warm grey with lilac undertones, so it has depth of character and sensitivity to it. It’s a perfect backdrop to so many interior eventualities.

We chose a composite work surface, in this case, Bianco Assoluto.


View from dining room back through to the kitchen.

The rug in this room was sourced from The London Rug Company. It is by Ellie Saab and is called ‘In Bloom’. It was the perfect find for the dining room, adding a touch of sophistication through creating an effortless symphony with the walls finished in Farrow and Ball’s Dove Tale.

Are you ready to Dress for Success?

January 2nd, 2018

Individually tailored dressing room with bespoke walnut cabinetry

It’s the season of good intention where we all make wonderful new plans of how we can improve on the year that has gone before. Good design should always make the users life more pleasurable and of course, hassle free. This is always a key objective at the heart of any design brief that we develop at LRI.

A good example of this perhaps is this dressing room that we designed and built for a client recently. We began by understanding their wardrobe requirements over a year period and then tailored the draw sizes, shoe storage and hanging configurations to meet our clients everyday dressing needs. There isn’t an inch of space that is not utilised with the floor to ceiling wardrobes. Perhaps more importantly, however, we have also been sure to leave enough space so that the client is at ease in the space making it easy to power up for work or relax into the weekend. Dressing is a daily ritual and  I can’t think of a better way to assist in the pursuit of style, beauty, glamour or understated chic – take your pick of preferred style presentation, whatever it may be. A personally tailored dressing room will go a long way to making this an everyday joyful transformation.

Whatever your New Years resolutions may be, good luck and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we can help to realise your ambitions.

Christmas special: make it meaningful

December 19th, 2017

Christmas tree decorations – an unexpected gift.

As another busy year at LRI draws to a close, hanging this beautiful hummingbird onto our tree reminded me of one of our many wonderful suppliers. Dilly Orme (Interior Stylist and Writer) arrived at our front door a few nights before Christmas 9 years ago with this little guy all neatly wrapped in tissue paper and ribbons. It was -2 C outside and the heavens were open, making her journey into the night to deliver a thing of such beauty all the more meaningful.

From everyone at LRI a big thank you to our fabulous supplier base and another big thank you to our wonderful clients who have brought us projects, because without you we wouldn’t be here at all. A heartfelt Merry Christmas and every best wish for a happy and prosperous 2018 to you all.

At any time of year, but especially at Christmas time, make your decorative choices and interior schemes, wherever you can, meaningful, and the rest should follow.

Merry Christmas!

Report on Trends: Great Design Brings Joy

November 30th, 2017

Look for joy in the design world right now and you will find it everywhere, and I don’t just mean in the run up to Christmas – it’s a lot deeper than seasonal cheer mongering.

That may surprise you when the world itself, by contrast, seems like a disaster zone. ‘So how is this possible?’ you may ask. Actually it’s quite simple – great design is always a response, in some way, to the social climate of the time.

A designer’s creative output is a reaction to what they see around them. So how is that manifesting itself? The common thread that we see again and again from some of the biggest names in design today is the drive to create products that elicit joy in the beholder.

What’s more, they offer us a form of escapism, and why not? It makes sense to cocoon ourselves away from it all with the express purpose of uplifting and re-energising, so that we can go out at the beginning of each day to elevate and spread light.

Here are just a few examples of joyful interior manifestations:

Safari Dance – a joyous parade


1. Wallcoverings:

Where to start? There is a sea of joyous paternation out there – you can even find it in neutral shades. This Cole and Son, African Dance, for instance, has a conviviality to it can only bring a smile to ones dial.






2. Colour

Farrow and Ball, Nancy’s Blushes. The perfect backdrop for ultimate complexion enhancement.

There are countless manifestations of joyous colour examples. But for something that is hot off the press, Farrow and Ball recently launched a colour called ‘Nancy’s Blush’.

Joa Studholm, Farrow and Ball’s colour guru is quick to point out that pink is the most flattering colour backdrop to all skin tones. What’s more it has a positively uplifting effect on one’s mood.

If ‘Nancy’s Blush’ is too punchy for you, have a look at ‘Peignoir‘. It is a more masculine style of pink with many of the same attributes but less clout.


Sophie Conran Portmerion, Honeypot range in Celadon, Mulberry, Sunshine and Pink

3. Product Design

Sophie Conran thought to add a colour pop to her already iconic range of Portmerion Dinnerware. The results are delightful.

The response of the design industry to this bleak and depressing landscape is simple. An interior design installation or an object d’art needs to be a thing of joy.

So make sure that when you and your loved ones head back to your hub you return to a vigorously concocted antidote which has at its heart a heady mix of joy. Why ever not?

Bar design – This drink’s on us!

October 2nd, 2017


Lakeside Bar, New Road, Esher

It is not often that one gets offered the opportunity to add another string to one’s bow, so when the chance came up to design a bar, we jumped at it!

Designing a 7500 sq ft house from scratch gives you the perfect opportunity to get layouts right and to make sure that the floorplan chimes with the family’s every day, and high-day-holiday needs. It became obvious from early on that our clients thrived on, and were very good at entertaining. So, it seemed like the perfect solution, we recommended putting an entrance hall table style bar at the centre of the house, to act as a focal point and a central meeting point for the whole family to convene at come the end of the day. Our clients loved the concept and so we ran the bar development parallel with the kitchen design.

As the bar sits in a large open plan space it also acts as a link between the kitchen, family snug, breakfast bar and dining room; providing a central pivot of sorts. It was important to give the bar a sense of character and style. Here we must give a huge nod of respect to our wonderful client who recognised an early trend when we presented it and agreed to have the bar wrapped and studded in burnished bronze. It is understated, sophisticated and complements the other fixtures and fittings in the space. Importantly, however, it is slightly more edgy whilst still fitting into a home environment. The crystal chandelier above the bar helps to achieve the focal point we wanted to bring about, as do the mirrored cabinets on the back wall which serve to reflect the chandelier, and also store the glassware – all adding to the sparkle and glamour of the space.

Of course you can’t pour the perfect drink unless you have everything to hand, so it has been designed meticulously with internal refrigeration, waste bin, prep sink and endless storage for every cocktail mixer you could ever hope for.

Thinking you might like a bar of your own? Let us pour you a drink first! Sante!

Launching our Kitchen Design to Installation Service – 3 reasons why you should buy your kitchen from us

September 28th, 2017
Contemporary Kitchen in Putney

Lytton Grove, Putney

We have been designing kitchens for 8 years now, but did you know that we can managed every step of the project from concept designs through to installation and hand over?

So what would the benefits of entrusting the whole process to your Interior Designer be?

Rendered visuals. Plans show how Kitchen and Dining Room are linked.

1. The kitchen shouldn’t be designed in isolation. It links to the rest of the house after all and your Interior Designer should be well versed in ‘cracking’ a solution that works harmoniously and links the adjoining rooms. (See how we did this with one of our most recent projects – We linked the kitchen and dining room through removing the wall altogether that separated them and then backed the kitchen cabinetry onto a wall of dining room dresser style cabinetry. This creates a wonderful sense of harmony between the two and what’s more the space feels larger in each as a result because of the central axis that we created between the two.

2. Quality of Installation is key. This is as important as a great design. Whatever you do, do not leave this to chance. There are always design decisions to be taken on site and at the point of installation – make sure that you are in good hands knowing that the installer is both talented at his craft and has an eye for detail. Our installers are proud of their craft and are adept at working with the challenges that inevitably present themselves on site

3. We deliver a premium product at compelling rates. We can do this because we don’t have the overheads that some of our competitors do. That said, we don’t cut corners. Each and every job is costed, ensuring that we have factored in the time that we will need to give every detail the attention it deserves. So if you are looking for a master class kitchen to be delivered by real professionals at every step of the way and at fair rates then why not give us a call?

Masterclass kitchens delivered by professionals at every stage at fair and compelling rates.

Appointed to Revamp Malmsbury House Care Home

September 26th, 2017

Malmsbury House Care Home – the before shot

We are simply delighted to announce that in July we were appointed by the new owners of Malmsbury House Care Home to help restore it to grace. Our new clients wish to see it take its rightful place in the community through its restoration.

We have been tasked with delivering against three key areas; re-naming, re-branding and exterior design modification. This is an exciting sector for us and we are thrilled to be involved in its upliftment. Watch this space to see what unfolds over the next period of time.

Blog attack: news is on its way at last

September 26th, 2017

Blog for the love of the news within!

One should probably never admit to being too busy to blog, but as that is now well and truly a thing of the past, well there you have it – It’s been a very busy time and I have missed writing my weekly blurb! Now, having eked out the time for this most pleasurable task of writing, here we are and we have a constant stream of inspiring design related news planned to stream from our doors in the form of exciting appointments, design reports, project show casings, inspirations, trends, exciting announcements and advice… so, well, watch this space and keep tuned in.

Celebrating Planning Permission Approval – our 10 point guide to success

February 6th, 2017

Making plans for your perfect home

We have just obtained planning approval from the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames on behalf of one of our long standing clients. The project is in leafy Grange Avenue, Twickenham and we have achieved a substantial addition to the house in the form of a side and rear extension. We are thrilled with what this will mean for our client’s future home life experience.
Whilst the application process on Grange Ave was pain free, it can sometimes be a long and arduous journey. A surprising amount of work can be achieved through Permitted Development, but if it’s Planning Permission that you need then our 10 point guide could come in handy:
  1. Prepare for an unpredictable journey. This isn’t always the case, but schemes which seem perfectly acceptable, can be rejected. There is less chance of this happening, of course, if you have a specialist planning applications service on board. Because it can sometimes be unpredictable, you should also allow plenty of time for the process. With so much building on at the moment, applications are taking longer than the usual 6 weeks and that’s not including any challenges that may be discovered along the way.
  2. Be clear what ‘precedent’ really means. Just because your neighbour has a sizeable dormer don’t assume that you are in the clear. Policy may have changed since they had their work done or they may simply have undertaken their extension work through Permitted Development. It could be quite possible that their work was never submitted to Planning. If it has been used over a period of time and no objections received by the planning Borough it could be deemed ‘established’.
  3. Understand local policy. If you like reading, you won’t be at a loose end. Alternatively, you could use a professional. Planning departments put a great deal of time, effort and resource into policy writing, so a quick and easy way to rile your case planning officer is to show little regard for their guidelines.
  4. Provide all the information requested. This seems an obvious one, but there may be some rather obscure requests depending on the zoning or type of building you are working with. For example, if you are required to submit a bat report, make sure you have it covered.
  5. Use the Pre-Application Advice System. This is not obligatory, but it can be useful. Sometimes a lengthy process and can cost several hundred pounds, but can in the long run save a great deal of time and money if you have a good planning officer on the case. It is intended to flag policies considered pertinent to the case. Either a written report or a meeting will be granted to give specific feedback.
  6. Play it by the book. If you are thinking that a crafty strategy might yield you the best result, know it’s more likely to infuriate the planners.
  7. Don’t make it personal. If your proposal doesn’t go through it’s unlikely to have anything to do with your planning officer, more likely to do with inappropriate policy to the context of your site. Of course, what you may need to watch out for is an unreasonable interpretation of the policy, and this is where the appeals process comes in.
  8. Remember to talk to your neighbours. The sooner the better. Apart from being good mannered, you will be living next door to them for years to come and there’s no need for me to make manifest here the benefits of good karma. It is worth noting, however, that an objection from a neighbour, if you are within the boundaries of policy, is highly unlikely to be fatal to your application.
  9. Provide a design statement. This should be submitted along with the drawings at application stage. This should be brief, clear and to the point, referring to relevant policy as necessary. This is your opportunity to explain how your design fits, working with local policy and the attributes and location of the site.
  10. Keep an open mind. Don’t be deterred by the terms ‘Conservation Area’ or ‘Listed Building’. Instead, keep a calm head and appoint a specialist to the job who has experience in these areas and knows well and understand the parameters. If you can remain open you may find other ways of achieving what you wanted to in the first place. There is always a way.