Introducing Kasia Clarke

April 2nd, 2020

“Where You Are” 120x150cm mixed media (acrylic) on canvas.

Kasia Clarke’s abstracted landscapes are soulful escapes for the mind and eye that I can’t ever imagine tiring of. Living and working near Reigate, Kasia started her creative career in glass art, but now spends all her time painting. She has trained with abstract artist Nicholas Wilton in his ground breaking Creative Visionary Program. 
My work represents emotional “places” loosely based upon a landscape. But these landscapes are not depictions of specific geographical areas – they are imaginary, intuitive, soulful expressions of feeling painted in an emotive, direct and energised manner. My intention is to create an invitation for the viewer to search deeper into the painting, to want to visually enter it and experience what lies beyond, for them.
The art happens as an exploration, not just in the actual doing and painting but in the decision making in between each of the many layers. I don’t start with a specific end-plan in mind and that allows for an evolution rather than just execution of a painting. Knowing that I can discern to keep what I like or cover up whatever I don’t like, gives me total freedom of expression and freedom to take risks. My process is intuitive but there is an interplay of letting go and regaining control. Layer upon layer of call and response decisions are made until a potential conclusion to the process is visible. That’s when the final simplification happens, the essence of the painting reveals itself and becomes clear.’ Explains Kasia. #kasiaclarke_artist 

Kasia Clarke

“A Silence Sealed” 162x300cm triptych, mixed media (acrylic) on canvas.

Introducing Olivier Leger

March 31st, 2020

Tortue Genial by Oliver Leger. This piece took 6 months to create.

Proudly presenting Olivier Leger who creates ecological dream scapes in pen and ink for us to be wondrously ‘lost’ in:  

‘I am an East Midlands based artist and my focus is to create drawings of the natural world. I graduated from NUCA with a Fine Art degree in 2011. Although I went through the art education system I feel that my becoming an artist had everything to do with my mother and my brother’s great encouragement and support. Both have been great mentors to me for which I am truly grateful. 

The drawings I create are made with ink using predominantly fine liners and dipping pens. They are extremely detailed illustrations exploring biology, ecology and the natural world. My drawings are large scale, and take around 6 months to complete, so they are quite an undertaking, requiring patience and determination. Once complete I hope that the viewer will be afforded plenty of opportunity to escape into the detail of my newly created worlds. That makes it all worth while for me. 

For the most part I have my head in the clouds, and I love thinking about the world and the nature of existence. Life on the earth is an interconnected tangle of chemistry and organisms protected by the veil of our atmosphere from a harsh oblivion that is the vacuum and radiation of space. It is the intricacy and delicate nature of our planet in the midst of the expanse of space that helps formulate the subject matter of my drawings. I hope that by creating wonderfully intricate illustrations of our world that people come to think that earth and the other animals that inhabit the globe are worth nurturing and preserving.’

It’s impossible to come away from viewing one of Oli’s works of art without experiencing a deep appreciation for nature and the interconnectedness of all things. A truly exceptional artist in every way.

You can contact Oli directly at: 

Or check him out at:

At the Surrey Art Fair 2020

Olivier works in minute detail. This image puts it all into perspective.

Introducing our Artists Appreciation Initiative

March 19th, 2020
Artists Appreciation Initiative

Look out for this badge to know who we are proud to present

Recognising that great artwork is central to any successful interiors scheme, we are going to be running an  Artists Appreciation Initiative. Through this drive we will be presenting a number of hand picked artists a month. Our search criteria is simple; 
1. We have a deep appreciation for their work,  and
2. We could imagine hanging any of their pieces well within our client’s homes.  
This is something we have been working on for a while, and I am extremely pleased to be presenting to you some of the finest talent in the land. We have plans to go further afield too, but for now we are going to be focusing on what this great nation has to offer.  Our hope is that this initiative will bring joy and appreciation, of course 🙂 Just watch this space.

Creativity – important or not?

January 28th, 2020

Understanding the value of creativity.

Einstein knew the fundamental importance of creativity, and it’s refreshing and reassuring to remind ourselves of this truth when creativity is often the first thing to be slashed from the ‘frame’. It is not always valued by society, so what propels us forward to embrace it?  Working in a creative industry it’s important to figure this one out.

One of our favourite Einstein quotes is ‘ Imagination is more important than knowledge.’  Worth pondering? Of course – it’s revolutionary even 120 years on. Knowledge can be learned from the world around us whereas creativity  comes from within and as a result generates new insights, inspirations, views and aspirations; depending on the creative field we are involved in. Its importance is fundamental to what drives us forward as a generation and to what makes us human. So, if you were ever half mast about flexing your creative muscle, you should have more confidence with sign off from one of the worlds greatest minds. Also worth pondering from Einstein,  ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ Well, why wouldn’t you?   Let’s celebrate creativity in all its forms and value it for what it’s really is.

‘Creativity takes Courage’ Henri Matisse

January 5th, 2020
Still life with Oranges Henri Matisse

Still Life with Oranges by Henri Matisse

If you are about to embark on a major ‘home renovations’ or ‘build from scratch’ project, it is certainly worth contemplating these wise words. What did Matisse mean exactly by this, and how can we apply the learnings to a build project or make-over?

Two things really:
One – there is no point in creating if you aren’t going to put it out there. The act of creating leads to presenting our ideas or creations and that takes courage, especially if your ideas are ground breaking. You have to be brave to share your creations, because of course there is always the chance that your masterpiece may be met with ridicule. Be brave – daring even, don’t be seduced by the safety of beige or grey, just to have an easy ride. Put yourself out there and I wager you will be pleasantly surprised.   

Two – it takes courage to explore new worlds. Henri Matisse rivalled Picasso in the importance of innovation for the arts; always looking to achieve a new artistic vernacular. He emerged as a Post Impressionist, but mastered many subsequent artistic genres and was widely recognised as one of the all time greatest colourists. This type of continued re-invention, always looking to break the boundaries, takes a particular type of courage and an immense energy. It is the same with architecture and interiors; there is very little point in replicating something if there is a fresh representation to be had instead which works just as well or indeed even better. Intrinsically, of course, there is so much more energy in solutions that are right for the time, fit for purpose and chime with the users every need. 

Conclusion: Find your voice and be brave. Of course, it’s fine to play this out within the context of the time you are working in. If you have to have grey, go for it, but be sure to overlay the mainstream vernacular with your own personality. Have fun with it. Be daring.   

This year we will be choosing, as a basic requirement, creativity and courage to forge ahead with.  I can’t wait to get started.

Happy New Decade!

December 31st, 2019

Albert Camus

I love this idea of attaching importance to the notion of a ‘generous future’. Appreciating that it’s ours to be had purely through being fully present, applying our best selves to the here and now without concerning ourselves too much with what the future might hold is wonderfully liberating.  With the dawning of 2020, how will you be filling your notebook of life? Whatever  your hopes and dreams for the year, we hope you’ll have plenty of opportunity to be fully and most wonderfully present in all your endeavours and this will play itself out for you with the creation of a rich and generous future.  Wishing all our Clients, Suppliers, Associates and Friends of the business a wonderfully fulfilling 2020.

Merry Christmas!

December 13th, 2019
Christmas Greetings

Hand stitched Christmas wreath, lovingly created by our wonderful curtain makers.

Christmas gives us all a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and effort that has gone into making a year successful. Over the years we have invested time in finding the right suppliers to support our business. We rely on many different trades and branded products to enable us to produce the end results that we aim for. I am immensely grateful to all our  suppliers for all their knowledge, enthusiasm and tireless commitment to delivering the very best of the best.

To celebrate our suppliers this year we commissioned our multi-talented curtain makers to craft a Christmas wreath as a showcase of their many capabilities. I couldn’t be happier with it. Working with a rich palette of fabrics: Zoffany Birodo velvets, Designers Guild Chinon silks and Romo Linara linens, mixed with glass beads covered in sheer silk for the holly berries and gold thread trim to the bay leaves.

A huge thank you to our most valued clients for giving us the work that we so adore and another massive thank you to our suppliers for all that you do to help us realise the visions we have, both large and small.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a very happy 2020! We are looking forward to it already.

Benefits of using an Interior Designer

December 5th, 2019

It’s quite easy to look at a fabulous interior and be lulled into a false sense that getting to this point must have been a walk in the park. It looks so right, so easy. How could it possibly be difficult? Think again.

Knowing what the three most challenging aspects of Interior Design are could make your Interiors journey that much simpler:

  1. The sheer plethora of products vying for attention. This takes valuable time and consideration to weigh up the pro’s and con’s for each. In the hands of someone who knows the walk you don’t need to take the long road to success.
  2. Once you have signed off on the designs and are ready to hit the green light on ‘project build’ you will need to know that your project is being managed by someone who understands, inside out, the correct sequencing of trades. This is often overlooked because it looks straightforward from the outside, but don’t be fooled, there is a broad and specialist knowledge of products and pricing that is needed to ensure that events flow smoothly. Effective project management can save you time and money. Regarding this aspect, the Interior Designer has a duty of care to advise, you the client, that under Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations 2015, all parties working on your domestic (it is different for commercial) project have a duty to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the health and safety of the project. One of the aspects that needs to be addressed under this regulation, therefore, is sequencing of trades. This requires specialist knowledge.
  3. The key challenge to any design project, and one of the primary benefit of appointing an Interior Designer, would have to be the creation of the central idea. This isn’t something that is clearly obvious when you look at a completed scheme, but it is that kernel which makes a project hang together so well. It’s the hidden ingredient that makes a house sing as a whole; it flows, it makes it an exciting place to be and it brings it to life. This is challenging indeed but it’s also the aspect of my work that I love the most.  Importantly it needs to be tailored to the client so that it’s relevant, but that’s another whole topic for another time.

If you have a project and need some advice with how to take it forward, we would be happy to talk. We have a broad supplier base and in-depth products knowledge. We have a sound track record of effective project sequencing and we simply delight in discovering that central idea that is so key to every successful project.

Please call Lindi directly on 07940572554 if you wish to discuss this further

New Instruction – Wolsey Road, East Molesey

July 4th, 2019

We are simply delighted to announce that we have been appointed as interior designers for a new build home at 65 Wolsey Road.  The house has been designed by architects, Mary Hackett and Associates and Lindi Reynolds Interiors has been commissioned to breathe further character and interest into the six-bedroomed home.

With a blank canvas of 5380 square feet, this promises to be an immensely rewarding project. Furthermore, as we have been commissioned to roll out our full 360° service offering, we can be confident of a home that is aesthetically seamless and has a real character of it’s own, designed to chime with the Barclay family’s style essence and functional living requirements.

The best part of it all is that this is our first commission for an acclaimed fantasy writer. To date James Barclay has had 13 books published and has been translated into eight languages. His wife Clare is COO to a trailblazer technology company which keeps her nice and busy.

On asking James why they had chosen to appoint us to their project he said: ‘To handle every aspect of the interior design, decoration and furnishing of quite a large house is a hugely daunting task. We felt we needed experts who could guide us through the process, offer specialist advice and who know the best sources for everything from a window latch to a dining table. We felt that Lindi Reynolds Interiors was exactly the right expert – not just local and vastly experienced but with a methodology that is clear, allows creative growth and seeks to give us the house we want as opposed to the house that is imposed on us. We cannot wait to get started.’

‘This is all very exciting and we are thrilled at the prospect of working with such a creative family. Just watch this space!’ says Lindi.


Fill your home with the best of memories.

June 9th, 2019

Entrance hall happy recollections.

I shall never forget the first year my mother planted delphiniums. The rich African soil, the hot sun and the gentle rain must have offered them the perfect haven to grow into the majestic giants that I so fondly remember towering magnificently over me as a young girl. I remember being bedazzled by the brilliant blues that they offered up; lapis lazuli, cobalt, cerulian blue and then some with a small flourish of soft butter cream in their centres. 

What a wonderful lesson in the importance of structure, colour and scale at such an early age. Of course, I didn’t realise it then, but I am grateful to nature for her tutorship in beauty and to my mother for planting delphiniums, of course!

Be sure to fill your home with wonderful memories of all kinds, in this way you will create a base of happiness and strength.