Multiple Award Winning Artist: Cora Harrington

July 9th, 2020

Wondrous to Behold 120 x 120

With a first class degree in Art and Design from the Belfast College of Art and multiple awards behind her name we are absolutely thrilled to present to you Cora Harrington.  She has had her work shown in the Mall Galleries in London on several occasions and her work is held in public and private collections worldwide.

What a Tangled Web we Weave, 310 x 310

Cora works both figuratively and in the abstract manner. Her work is always atmospheric, expressive and intuitive.  The wonder of Cora’s masterpieces is that they draw you in with their sense of wonder and mystery. The works are multilayered with plenty of content, not just in the subject matter, but in the mark making, contrast of tone, colour and balance. Her artworks afford the viewer an escape into some other private world, rich in enchantment. Each piece feels like a gift to the viewer – a very private moment in timethis is something extraordinarily difficult to achieve as an artist, and pays tribute to Cora’s personal investment in each piece.

A Day of Snow and Ice

You can see more of Cora Harrington at:
IG: Coraharringtonartist
Flickr:  (for available and archived paintings)
T: 0044 (0) 2830264785

M: 07485175042

Treasures of the Deep Web

Treasures of the Deep Web

How to use Colour in Interior Design to affect great purpose

June 15th, 2020
Edward Bulmer Paint Colour Chart
I have always been drawn to colour. Like a moth to a flame it casts it’s spell and I am captivated and held by it’s magic.  A colourist by nature I am greedy with it and as a result have never managed to settle on a few favourites. Oh no, it has to be the whole spectrum or I feel jilted! I used to have colours that I shied away from using, but that is no longer the case as my projects have taught me otherwise. Working with our clients ultimate colour choices has made me see that there are no bad colour choices – just bad colour combinations. 

How colour affects our emotional state

What interests me most with colour is its correlation to human emotion. There is much researched and written on the subject, and as an Interior Designer I am keen to tap into this wealth of knowledge so that we use in our projects for the well being of our clients. Why wouldn’t we?
Wassily Kandinsky, the pioneer of abstract art, understood the inherent power of colour when he said, ‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.’ It has the power to move us in all sorts of directions, and so it is our role as Interior Designers to understand this and use colour appropriately, for the right effect and ultimately for our clients benefit.

Understanding colour

So how to understand colour? Generally speaking, and at the risk of over simplifying things, colours are ascribed universal truths across cultures.  This has everything to do with the fact that all colour can be found in nature, and so it is not hard to see why blue, the colour of the sky, is associated with calmness and serenity. Sunshine yellow is associated with energy, joy and happiness and so forth . There are variances for individuals within these colour truths though, and that is where it becomes interesting for us as designers. The question is where do these divergent reactions to colour come from? We know from research that our relationship between colour and emotions is laid down by at least three different sources throughout our lifetime namely, evolution, culture and personal experience. Evolution is a slow burn, culture is mostly specific and personal experience is, well, personal. This last one could be something like being stung by a blue bottle as a child, and so the indigo blue of the sting becomes a forever marker of poisonous fury. And so this is how it is possible that some members of the same culture may have different orientations to colour. This is what we need to understand and unlock as interior designers at the early stages of a project so that we can create effective schemes for the whole family to love. 

Our Colour Workshopping Service

 Towards this end we have been running colour workshops with our clients for over 10 years. We have had situations where the husband and wife have come to us at the point of colour impass.  Luckily, we have always managed to find a middle ground that all parties are happy with. So, it can be complex, but there is always a solution to hand. 

Focus on Colour: Glorious Green

For now, though, I would like to focus on the essential truths of colour so that you can start to use it effectively in your own home to create the perfect back-drop to your purpose-filled life. I would like to start with GREEN. If you are an interiors fan you could have been bowled over by just how much green was being posted, written about, promoted and celebrated during the early stages of lock-down. Well there is an interesting reason for this – green is the colour of equilibrium, the colour of growth and nature. At a time when our world was literally turned upside down we were looking to find some sort of equilibrium through investing time in the company and solace of green.

Jocelyn Horsfall – award winning contemporary fine art photography for your home

June 3rd, 2020

Next up in our Artists Appreciation Initiative


We  are thrilled to present, Jocelyn Horsfall, an award-winning fine art photographer, specialising in atmospheric and evocative images inspired by flowers, foliage and the natural world. ‘Nature is good for the soul, and I am looking to capture some of its beauty, serenity and harmony in my work’ says Jocelyn.

Tropical Wonderland 1
Tropical Wonderland 1

No ordinary photographer, her style is painterly and impressionistic, combining a strong sense of colour and form with an interest in textural effects and abstraction. She uses soft focus, multiple exposure, and camera movement to create images with a fluid, organic feel, and is drawn to the intimate details to be found in nature that are revealed beyond the normal viewpoint. The end results are contemporary, sophisticated and sensitive manifestations of the natural world that capture the imagination and would lend a modern tone of voice to any interior design scheme. Based in South West London, Jocelyn sells limited edition fine art giclée prints, framed and unframed, together with other media such as acrylic and metal prints. Jocelyn’s pedigree in photography runs back to her mother and her grandfather before that, who specialised in landscape and travel. Jocelyn takes the art form further; contemporising it for us. Her work is about interpretation and suggestion rather than a literal representation of the natural world. Jocelyn finds her inspiration comes from the Impressionist painters including Monet and Van Gogh. Georgia O’Keeffe’s sensual flowers and abstracts are another source of inspiration, as well as contemporary photographers Fay Godwin, Paul Kenny and Valda Bailey. 

Jocelyn has an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and has been a finalist/highly commended in the prestigious International Garden Photographer of the Year competition (IGPOTY) in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. Last year she won 1st prize for a portfolio of images (one of which, Tropical Wonderland, is featured here). She has been exhibited at Kew Gardens with the other award-winning images.

What’s not to love?

Orchid Medley

IG: Jocelyn Horsfall

M: 007721003442

Martin Turner on what you can do with a mere pencil

June 2nd, 2020

Roliflex Camera in Pencil

Using the traditional medium of pencil, Bristol based artist Martin Turner takes this medium to its limit. His hyper realistic pencil drawings are decisive, suffused with light and texture, and imbued with a confidence that comes from the technical mastery of his medium.
Working primarily on super smooth Bristol Board, Turner uses both traditional and mechanical pencils as well as graphite powder and blending stumps to create his unique style. Anyone who has seen his work up close will appreciate the incredible level of detail. Turner can often be seen using sandpaper to taper the end/lead of a pencil to ensure the finest of points!
Born in 1975, the astonishing fact that Turner only picked up his pencils in 2016 simply adds to the wonder of the story. Following a decade of award winning photography, Turner returned to his childhood interest of drawing. Although more used to creating images in hundredths of a second than the 40 to 180 hours that his pencil drawings now take he found that, despite the change in medium, his eye for detail remained the same. Turner is completely self taught which has allowed his work to be become distinctly recognisable up close.
Turner describes his current work as being more akin to taking the time to read a novel – investing in slowly connecting with the emotion, suspense and detail. These monochrome drawings capture a moment, a freeze-frame, engaging the audience with enough detail to be fully absorbed, while promising more in every viewing. It’s impossible to tire of Martins creations – there’s always something to appreciate that you missed the time before. Turners works of art lend themselves perfectly to the quieter zones of the house – a library wall, study or gallery. The perfect addition to a well thought through Interior Design scheme that is looking for images which require reflection.

Natural History Museum in Pencil

To contact martin:
M: 07950760330

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5 Benefits of Architectural Interior Design

May 28th, 2020

Architectural Interior Design is what we do. Simply put, it is the design of the home from the inside out – perfectly thought through so that the interior works hard to support the inhabitants lifestyles. Importantly, it also acknowledges the architectural form of the building, inside and out. Lakeside is a very good example of where we were able to do this effectively because we informed the style, character and form of the home at the outset.

Lakeside, New Road Esher

So, what are the specific benefits of appointing a consultancy to consider your project from an Architectural Interior Design perspective?

  1. Establish Grace. Ensuring that the interior chimes with the exterior is not always as straight forward as you might think, so this really needs consideration at planning stage. Get this right and you will create a thing of beauty to be marvelled at and admired. What’s more you will have created a perfectly peaceful haven for living. This is because the harmony of our surroundings informs our senses.
  2. Create a Sense of flow. If the connectedness and relationship of all parts has been properly considered your living in the space will be economical and easy, thereby creating an enjoyable living environment that enables your best self.
  3. Maximise Real Estate Value. This is a biggie and not to be shirked at. By making the most of your property spatially and visually real estate value can be maximised. We know the do’s and don’t to maximising value. The don’t’s are easy to make if you are unaware of them, so be careful not to fall into that trap.
  4. Make it Fit for purpose. With an eye on architectural interior design, bespoke cabinetry can blend into the walls, making less ‘noise’ whilst supporting your living requirements optimally.
  5. Create the Perfect Canvass. Once you have done all this you have the perfect form to modify cosmetically should you wish to over the years without having to go to the expense and effort of all the dust which comes with more serious alterations.


Bespoke sunken seating area as mapped out above.

So, don’t get caught into thinking that you need an architect for the outside and an Interior Designer for the inside. Why not work with a one-stop studio that has its eye on all touchpoint, and a real appetite to create exceptional homes, inside and out?

Jessie Woodgate – watercolorist extraordinaire!

May 27th, 2020

Working from her base in West Hampstead, we are proud to present artist, Jessie Woodgate. Jessie has been surrounded by creatives all her life, so feels becoming an artist was inevitable. Looking at her pieces, it’s obvious that painting for her is as natural as taking a walk outdoors is for the rest of us. Water colours are her preferred medium, and of all the mediums, this is the most unforgiving. Water colours don’t lie. There is no opportunity for ‘cover-up’s’, and that’s the point, there’s absolutely no need for a forgiving medium here, because Jessie’s underlying draftsmanship is effortlessly spot-on.
Interested in our social history, colonialism and cultural diversity, Jessie explores urban themes which are a natural mix of historical and modern settings. She focuses her lense on derelict, once grandiose buildings now covered in graffiti and street art. She introduces to this, characters, to show a snapshot of urban life and to record a non-repeatable moment in time. As a result, there is something quite poignant for us, the on-looker, as we get a small glimpse into these strangers lives and wonder what they may be thinking or saying, whilst they are sat in places we are all familiar with, one way or another.

Jessie’s mastery of watercolours is something to marvel at, there’s no doubt. That combined with her lense on contemporary society makes for personal, evocative and highly memorable creations. Simply no surprise then to learn that Jessie was shortlisted as a finalist for the Sunday Times watercolour competition 2019.
Instagram: jessiewoodgate

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Presenting the highly talented David Gainford

April 30th, 2020

South of France, Aix-en-Provence

Continuing with our Artists Appreciation Initiative, I am pleased to present David Gainford. I came across David at the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair, and it was this painting of the South of France that drew me to his collection. David has been painting for over 30 years and his ability is unlimited, it seems as he has the ability to turn his hand to emulate many of the masters styles; Constable, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Singer Sargent, Leonardo and Michelangelo, to name a few. This painting, set in the South of France, and strongly reminiscent of Cezanne’s impressionist treatment of the canvass, evoke’s immediately a very strong sense of place;  Aix-en-Provence, to be particular. This is the area that Cezanne was so prolific in and which I know and love so well. It literally stopped me in my tracks and transported me back there in an instant. How wonderful when a work of art can do that for you.

David will supply limited edition prints of his works, now hanging in homes all around the world. He is also happy to take independent commissions. Contact:

(0044) 07802447813


Artists Appreciation Initiative

Look out for this badge to know who we are proud to present

Celebrating the Eco Warrior of the Paint World: Edward Bulmer

April 22nd, 2020
Edward Bulmer Paint Colour Chart
On International Earth Day I thought it would be wonderful to celebrate a company that has the interests of the environment at the core of what they do. I was thrilled to bits when Edward Bulmer Paint Company agreed to be showcased. If we all make the right choices in our own little worlds we can turn this ship around, surely.
As one of the country’s leading architectural historians, Edward Bulmer has been involved in the restoration and redecoration of some of the country’s most important country houses; Goodwood, Hampton Court, Chequers and Althorp to name a few. Part of this process involved the creation of a range of natural, environmentally friendly, historically sympathetic paints, and it was from this that Edward’s eponymous paint company evolved.
Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is fast becoming the go-to paint for many interior designers and has a wide following amongst those who can differentiate between paint brands that say they are eco and are are not, and those who are eco and can prove it. The range has 90 beautiful colours, with a selection available in lighter shades and a nursery collection of 12 colours, all designed by interior designer Edward Bulmer using just 12 natural earth and mineral pigments. 
The company is unique in having a leading interior designer at the helm who knows what colours work and how to get tonality right. There’s no blind following of pantone trends here!  Edward is also passionate about the quality of the product, making sure it is easy to use (an important consideration for any Decorator). Furthermore in the product composition, he has been sure to ensure their paints are a healthy choice for any building (which need to breath) and their inhabitants alike.  Nearly all modern water based acrylic paints are made with plastic and contain micro beads which is like wrapping your house in cling film!  Natural paint is 20 times more breathable than acrylic paint, allowing your home and yourself to breathe freely. 
Edward is a modern day eco-worrier and believes we all should have the information to make  educated choices. The paint itself uses only naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin like linseed oil, and other natural elements such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments. Avoiding the use of dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides and toxins. 
Sustainability is simply good management,” says Edward, “The resources we use to make the paints are mainly derived from rocks or annual crops.  Any unused waste paint can be composted too.” This helps us, as consumers, to have a circular mindset when decorating rather than adding to the rising landfill levels with the issues which currently surround the disposal of paint.”
It is crucial to Edward and the business to continue to strive to reduce their impact on the planet, “The factory we use generates solar energy as well as buying in renewable energy and all the waste water is clean enough to go back into the local sanitation process.” continues Bulmer, “We do the same in the colouring and marketing facility. Our packaging is a mixture of recyclable buckets for transporting and recycled aluminium tins, cardboard and pulp formers for presentation to the customer.”
The best part is there is no compromise, the paints are unrivalled; the colours are exquisite, a soft and chalky finish can be beautifully achieved with only two coats and they are as robust to modern living as their plastic counterparts.
During these sad, strange and difficult times the company are still mixing and sending paint out to customers. The team are working isolated shifts and so cannot guarantee next day delivery. They are offering free colour consultancy so if you have any colour questions or would like advice on a North East facing room or just which off-white, email them with any photos or video and they will come back to you.
Free colours cards are available on their website
For inspiration follow their Instagram @eb_naturalpaint and @edward_bulmer
Happy Earth Day 2020 from Edward and the team.

Hunter+Collector – meet Tess Chodan

April 15th, 2020
Coming across Tess at the Surrey art show I was transfixed by her beautiful creations for the longest of time. Of course, this is exactly the point of ‘object d’art’ – her pieces are simply stunning creations, sensitively and thoughtfully constructed and the effect is once of pure delight. I dare you not to be enchanted!
Tess says of her works, ‘My passion is sourcing antique entomology collections of butterflies, moths and beetles, which I restore to create unique artworks. I am inspired by a deep connection with the natural world and a passion for the past.’

Tess Chodan is a self-taught artist working with antique entomological specimens. These are insects sourced from historical collections, which she painstakingly repairs and restores to create 3D pieces. 


Her work also reflects on preserving the past – tiny pieces of history that would otherwise be long forgotten, or turned to dust, and is inspired by a deep connection with fleeting lives of the natural world.


Tess worked for some years as an antiques dealer, where she came across her first collection of moths – which were over a hundred years old. From that point her life changed and a passion ignited. Tess is now a full-time professional artist whose works have grown in complexity and deepened in intention over the past 5 years. She has spent time researching museum entomology collections in the UK and Australia, and has learned directly from professional entomologists, who have become her mentors. 


Tess has exhibited her work in various group shows both in the UK and in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. In 2019 she was commissioned by the Queensland Regional Gallery (Noosa) to create the work “Still/ Life” for a show entitled “The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower”, an interstate project in which she exhibited alongside international artists. Her installation was funded by the Australian Regional Arts Development Fund for Individuals.


Currently she was work exhibited at the Hull City Art Gallery, in Somerset and Gloucestershire. She lives and works in Somerset.

You can get hold of Tess directly through either of the links below:

Introducing Bron Jones

April 13th, 2020
Bron Jones Welsh Abstract Landscape Artist
When I met Bron Jones recently, I was struck by two things; her effusive warmth and her love of the environment.
An environmental scientist and a teacher, Bron has always managed to combine her love of art and nature through her career. Retired now and living in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales: an oft overlooked gem, of rolling verdant valleys, lush forests, high moors and mountains. Living on the western edge of the stunning Brecon Beacons and a stone’s throw from Pembrokeshire, means she is literally surrounded with a treasure trove of nature’s inspiration.
Bron says of her art, ‘ It is the colours, patterns and textures of this wonderful landscape that inspire me: from walking local mountains, forests, coasts, and even under the waves where I enjoyed scuba diving.  I use bold, vibrant acrylic pigments, and multi-media in my paintings, with a variety of bolder marks and textures to evoke that sense of place: the ruggedness and wildness of places like the Pembrokeshire coast, the Preseli mountains and the beautiful Brecon Beacons. When you look at one of my paintings, I hope you will feel the wind in your hair and hear it soughing through the trees. Sometimes you want to see an image that reminds you of a place or a moment, but at others, all you need is a combination of colours, a pattern, or a particular swipe of the palette knife, to transport you there. The natural world never fails to make me smile and lighten my heart, and I hope that my art will do the same for others.’
You can contact Bron Jones directly:
or you can find her on Instagram or Facebook

Imagine this scene without the artwork – suddenly it becomes a warehouse full of contemporary furniture. With Bron’s painting it becomes a sophisticated home.