About Lindi Reynolds

High-end interior designer in Surrey and south west London

Lindi Reynolds Interior Designer

Working from her base in East Molesey, south west London,  Lindi has been consulting to residential clients in and around London for more than a decade. Lindi’s prime objective is to deliver uniquely personal interiors to the highest standard.

Prior to setting up her business as a high end interior designer in south west London and Surrey, Lindi followed a career in the design and communications industry, with her ultimate position being that of Director for the WPP Fitch Communications Network. Lindi has a wealth of experience in delivering visual solutions with standout appeal character, relevance and integrity.

“I am passionate about my role in developing living spaces into places that my clients can feel great in.Order, visual exchange and a sense of time and place are some of the ingredients I focus on to create a truly memorable space. Order engenders a sense of calm and purpose; it starts to provide the platform for inspired action. Visual exchange begins with the interplay and ‘talk’ of the various design elements. Finally, it is through the clever mix of texture, colour, pattern and placement that each element of the design mix starts to play its part in the great orchestra,” says Lindi.

As a highly-skilled design professional, Lindi recognises that design has to flow from the individual client’s personality and life vision.

“My business is about understanding people. I have to build an insightful picture of my client before I can begin to design solutions that will enhance their everyday living experience. My visions must chime with their style sensibilities in such a way that feeds their aspirations and life vision into the final installation,” she adds.

Over time, Lindi has built up a team of experts in their respective fields, in whom she has complete trust. “Together we strive to deliver workmanship to the highest standard, ensuring that the final result always delights,” concludes Lindi.