Our Bespoke Design Interiors Process

Every bespoke design interiors project is unique, so each new brief requires an individual and considered approach. The best method is usually clear after our first conversation with the client.

Our projects can, in most cases, be broken down into four phases:

Phase 1: Consultation
Phase 2: Planning
Phase 3: Commission and Instruction
Phase 4: Installation

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Phase 1: Interior Design Consultation

Broadly speaking, there are two ways of approaching the phase of a bespoke interior design project:

1. Consultation only

This is designed to work for clients who want to run the project roll out themselves, but are unsure that they are making the right decisions with regards to structural layout, colour, texture, materials, furniture layout, storage and any other visual and structural aspects that may be in the mix.

Output: A bespoke report that the client can put into practice by following some very clear guidelines. This report is specific to the property and to the client’s personal sensibilities and requirements.

Find out more about Polaris by Lindi Reynolds, our consultation-only interior design service

2. Consultation and Project Roll-out

This is designed for clients who do not wish to manage the actual project roll-out themselves and recognise a need for consultation, implementation and management throughout. This approach allows for a highly-considered delivery where all aspects of the interior and structure of the home are considered, such as layout, lighting, cabinetry, hard and soft furnishings, all surface treatments, image display, and any other aspects that come into the visual mix

Output: Design and project management to an agreed programme of works, production, fit and hand over.

Our priority, whatever the size of the interior design project, is to ensure that the end result is a space that the client revels in and is proud to call home. Furthermore, the end result is always designed to add to the overall real estate value.

Phase 2: Planning

At this stage your project is well underway and the scope of the project is clear. Specific deliverables falling under the planning phase are:

  • Internal / External layouts
  • Lighting
  • Cabinetry / Storage
  • Acoustics
  • Bathroom layouts
  • Kitchen design
  • Furniture layouts
  • Window dressing treatments
  • Hard and soft furnishings recommendations

Phase 3: Commission and Instruction

The planning stage is over and all decisions have been made and costs agreed. At this stage we commission our suppliers and supply them with clear, concise briefs to ensure delivery is in line with our client expectations.

We have a broad base of supply partners. Every single one has been chosen for their superior quality of delivery and for the fact that they are great people to work with.

Phase 4: Installation

This is what we have all been waiting for. Depending on the nature of the project, this can happen over a period of time, or within a small window of time.

  • Window dressing – Fitting of rails, battens, blinds, dressing of curtains
  • Picture hanging – Including mirrors and artworks
  • Furniture arrangement
  • Room styling